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Care management that works asynchronously

Track your patients' current wellness on a unified, user-friendly platform. Our solution incorporates physical, psychological, and emotional health, cutting-edge telemetry, digital health markers and information all in one convenient location.

With wearable devices integration, and easy-to-understand visualizations, our platform provides real-time, practical guidance to improve patient engagement and results in the areas of Pain Management and Cardiovascular care.

We are welcoming you to the future of preventive and continuous care.

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Comprehensive, all-around care for your clients on a continuous basis

This allows healthcare providers to keep an eye on their patients without having to visit them in person or make physical contact. The benefits of this type of care management are especially helpful for patients with chronic or long-term health conditions, since it helps track their health changes and makes sure they're getting the right care.

Value based technology

Hand Massage

Our holistic approach

Holistic health and wellbeing support is necessary for each individual to thrive.

To ensure that everyone can live a fulfilled, healthy life, holistic health and wellbeing support should be made readily available. INDOLEX's holistic approach to health and wellbeing refers to a comprehensive and integrative approach to care. The first step is to provide the most comprehensive view to one condition.


Tailored evaluations
your one-of-a-kind intellectual property

Design assessments and reports that are fully adaptable to your individual methodology. Utilize any indicator in a manner that suits you best. We have the resources - you have the practice.

Easily pinpoint key areas of concern using straightforward visual scorecards covering essential metrics, physical makeup, flexibility, and biological markers.

Deliver customized suggestions and understanding to your clients to emphasize areas for enhancement.

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Schedule a demo and reduce productivity loss

Schedule a quick call with us for further information and a personalized demo of our platform.

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