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Finally, pain can be
managed and care is virtual

Through state-of-the-art machine learning, we’ve developed a pain-management and adaptive treatment technology tailored individually for you

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Your AI-powered migraine management platform

By identifying migraine triggers and interpreting complex data, Indolex technology is built to help you understand effective treatment and regain control

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App-based virtual program

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AI-powered data analysis


Predictive models

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Root cause identification

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Personalized treatment plan

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Effective pain management

253 Dizengoff St.

Tel Aviv - Yafo, 6311708


Everyone's migraines are different.
Their solutions should be too.

34% of people with migraine difficulties experience discrimination at work because of their condition.

In the United States, there's only one pain specialist for every 60,000 migraine patients.

75% of patients retire from preventative medications within the first year due to lack of efficacy.

The solution we've all been waiting for

Discover your pain management solution

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The 4 Phases of a Migraine


Using continuous monitoring and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, we support migraine patients throughout their journey.
By leveraging digital phenotype data as the cornerstone for pain prediction and management, we developed approaches for predicting and managing pain

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Noa Derei, Givatayim

“The app is very easy to use, and I've found the data interesting"

Bring your clinic into the future

Schedule a quick call with us for further information and a personalized demo of our platform.

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