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INDOLEX uses data-analytical and theoretical methods, mathematical modeling and computational simulation techniques while continuously monitoring the body to find its unique patterns for achieving optimum health and wellness.

This enables INDOLEX to provide tailored, evidence-based personalized health advice and treatments, ensuring the best health outcomes for all.

Doctor Office


Combining ongoing monitoring with the expertise of a specialist physician, automatically and remotely, to evaluate a treatment approach.

This technology allows for more precise diagnoses and more accurate treatments for each individual, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. This enables INDOLEX to provide personalized health advice and treatments that are tailored to the patient's needs, ensuring better health outcomes for all.

Care as a service

A new Data-driven Pain Management & Adaptive Treatment paradigm based on the identification of effective mechanisms of action that affects your individual pain.
We are developing medical grade pain management and cardiovascular platform based on dedicated cutting edge AI technology for personalized treatment.


Cutting edge AI technology

to fit the patient's personal pain profile and its corresponding body measurements & triggers, drug compound & dosing regimes, along with innovative prediction technology for pain management


A community of users in a dedicated platform


Data Driven Clinical research

Interaction with
Unique knowledge derived from tier one neurologists


The vision of INDOLEX is to use data and technology to revolutionize healthcare by providing personalized treatments and advice for each individual patient.


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